Murchison Area School 125th Reunion

Murchison Area Schools 125th reunion
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 Hi, Attended 1972 - 1984

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Wendy Hodgkinson

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PostSubject: Hi, Attended 1972 - 1984   Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:57 am

Great memorys of school, will be at the reunioin armed with photos, from primmer 1 and Skinny (David Thomas) in his gumboots, to some antics of us in the 4th form and outdoor champ trips. Will have a rat-around at Dad's and see what else I can find, some of my brother, Ian, and my Mum, Cathrine, when she was teaching there too. My earliest memory is getting the Strap from Mrs Downey.... deserved it too, I pretty much kept on the straight and narrow after that. Not sure if Ian can make it, Dad went to school there too (and Mrs Downey was his first teacher too), he will attend some events.
I hope a few more make the effort to put something on the forum... the organisers have gone to a lot of trouble. Been trying to rack my brains on the married name of a few of the girls from other classes that are here in Blenheim.
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Hi, Attended 1972 - 1984
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